Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{ you gotta have (creative) friends - part 2 }

I happen to be lucky enough to have several seriously creative friends.  Because I am constantly inspired by them, I thought it would be fun to do a little bloggy series that focuses on getting to know a few of them.  Second in the series is my insanely creative friend and former design school classmate, Mari'.
Mari' Vasel - owner/designer for all things bean, an infant and toddler handmade apparel company. Mother to Kaia, a headstrong, independent and wonderful little bean :) Wife to Matt, my equally headstrong, adventurous, hard-working husband.
*Matt and Kaia as a baby bean -- Kaia, the little bean

*just a sampling of the darling designs available in Mari's gorgeous, handmade line
Re-decorating around the house: refinishing furniture, making pillows and painting whatever strikes my fancy! (attempting) to play my guitar.

*How fantastic is this bench makeover (which has been in her family for years)?!!
I don't often consider myself a good person to give advice - I'd rather seek it out. As far as kid's style - stick to the sale racks or it gets really expensive quickly!! 

 Ahh - see above creative outlets. I am always looking for a way to re-invent or makeover existing things. Re-cover pillows in new fabrics (use a coupon at Jo Ann's & it's super cheap). Paint! Dye fabric! Scrapbook paper & frames! Honestly, our lovely blog host is my best inspiration :) 

* a perfect, eclectic mix of framed objects and photographs, ready for her bedroom gallery wall
* the makings of a felt bloom-adorned, handstitched pillow

* finished pillows (this mix of fabrics is so dreamy, right?!!  Mari' scored those beautiful wood buttons while we were shopping together at Denver's excellent fabric shop, Fancy Tiger)

 I don't read magazines - when they arrive at my house, the pressure to read them stresses me out!

It changes depending on the season. in the fall/winter - sitting in front of our wood burning fireplace or up in the loft on our large leather chair. in the summer, out on the deck or down in my studio where it stays cool.

*a pile of perfectly stitched bibs stacked neatly in Mari's studio
*So many yummy fabrics!  Oh, and I'll take one each of those tees, please!
*More fun fabric choices!

As with magazines, I don't read too many blogs either - too much stress to keep up, but I'm amazed at some of the ones I do stumble across. In addition to this one, I enjoy bovagoods and industrial to organic - another friend of mine who is striving to live an eco, sustainable life.

A victorian house! Does that count?  I feel that the character that comes with those would give me the foundation for all of my decorating needs!
sweet home style
It's not old enough. I crave exposed brick, original moldings and subway tiling with a claw foot tub...
If I had HGTV that would be it - I'd never get anything done. As it is, watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette.

Morning - I'm energized and ready to roll!

I really don't like starbucks for a lot of reasons...but I do love a vanilla hazelnut coffee, lots of cream, no sugar from Einsteins!  

Thanks again to Mari' for participating in my creative friends series.
When she first told me she was starting her own childrenswear business, I was so thrilled for her! On top of being an unbelievably innovative designer, she is also insanely driven.  I'm convinced that all things bean will be an enormous success.  I was lucky enough to receive one of her impeccably stitched onesies/ burpcloth combos as a gift when little Grant was born, and I can't think of a more perfect little something for a new mama.  Pop on over to check out all the sweet designs she has to offer.  

Please stay tuned in the coming months to get to know more of my creative friends.  I know some awesome people :) 


My Story said...

I absolutely love the baby clothes and the name of her company.
She can come to my house and redesign ANYTHING she wants!

all things bean said...

Thanks dear friend! Reading this makes me happy :)

elisabeth (bovagoods) said...

i remember sewing our first stitches with hannah hall like it was yesterday!!!

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