Friday, July 2, 2010

{ celebrating cyndi }

My mother-in-law, Cyndi, adored Independence Day like no one I've ever known. It was her absolute favorite holiday. I saw her decked out in red, white and blue on more occasions than I can remember. We shared a love of crafting, and she was always so enthusiastic when showing me her latest hand-crafted, patriotic creations. Her excitement about July 4th was positively infectious! Oh, how she is missed. She's been gone nearly four years now, and every Independence Day since her death has seemed a lot less sparkler-worthy. This year, however, I intend to honor her properly by celebrating right! I hope she will approve.

I'm going to make some memories with these guys and this silly guy too,

and spend some time cuddling with her.

We'll check out one of these.

Oooh, maybe we'll make this

or one of these. Yum.

Oh, I certainly wouldn't mind sipping some of this! After dark we'll watch some of these. I'm looking forward to many moments of giggly, summer fun this weekend. And, just like always, every time I see one of these,
I'll think of Cyndi, and smile. :)


Kelli said...

What a way to honor and remember her! That food looks really tasty...I hope you enjoy everything about your day. We're going to a parade with Lyndsey in the morning :)

Laura said...

Cyndi sounds like a wonderful woman. We'll be thinking of you and your family this holiday. It seems right that you would choose to celebrate the 4th with her enthusiasm :) God bless!

Abby said...

Oh she was one patriotic lady!! I have never known anyone else to have multiple flag inspired outfits. This was super sweet :) Patriotic holidays make me wish she were here even more...

mary said...

Love this! Absolutely loved reading this and remembering her love for this and all patriotic holidays. I would be lying if I said I didn't tear up a little :) or a lot! Happy 4th Mom!

CJ said...

That sounds like amazing plans! Cyndi will be proud!

Happy 4th!

Lyndsey said...

I miss her too Rachel. She always made me smile. Hard to believe it has been 4 years..... I hope you guys had a wonderful 4th of July.

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