Tuesday, August 10, 2010

{ birthday baking }

C A K E. Mr. Polkadotsandpuppies is all. about. cake. This being the case, every year, the only thing that the man ever desires for his birthday is a made-from-scratch cake. He's pretty easy to please, I know. I try a new recipe nearly every year, and I've certainly scored some big points with him. Last year I made this lemon layer cake. It was divine.

The year before belonged to this brown sugar, caramel beauty. It was moist and sweet, and tasted deliciously old-fashioned-like something right out of your grandmother's kitchen! Then there was this one. My God, it was rich. It's called Holy Cow cake. It's a bit of a shortcut cake as the recipe starts with a cake mix. It was positively sinful. I swear, just looking at the ingredients for this cake is enough to make your pants fit tighter! And, it's definitely not much to look at, but was it ever scrumptious! His birthday's coming up soon, and I think I'll give this little lovely a go. *via epicurious, sweet magnolias farm, a cat in my lap, bakerella

What about you? When it comes to birthdays, do you like to bake from scratch, or perhaps from a box? Or do you prefer the ease and convenience of a purchased bakery cake instead?


CJ said...

Personally, I don't care as long as I have cake! LOL Not to mention, I can't be too picky since hubby is NOT savvy in the kitchen. He can cook a grand total of 2 things, LOL. For him and the kiddies, I love to bake. I love trying new recipes too. The cake you are making looks scrumptious! You'll have to do a review on it once you make it. Have fun!

Kelli said...

For my hubby's birthday he'd be OK with a store cake...or a tub of frosting :) That lemon cake looks delicious!!! Me, I had apple crisp for my birthday "Cake." I love how you make different cakes for you honey.

Missypixie Doodle said...

Now those are cakes! Look utterly divine, great selection....I need cake lol. Happy birthday in advance for Hubby ;)
I had wanted to bake for my Mam for her birthday, but couldn't find our cake tins, after some re-shuffling in the kitchen cupboards, and couldn't exactly ask her ;). The alternative was Tesco's scrummy chocolate cake, nom! I miss making scones for Gran to.
You've inspired me to hopefully bake this weekend.
Let us know about the cake when you've made it ;)