Sunday, September 12, 2010

{ i spy a diy - the rosette tank }

Remember this $175 Kate Spade tank? Crazy, insane price, right? Well, I've been smitten with it for months, and I finally found time to create a copycat version of it. I started with two of these cheapo striped navy tanks.I cut up one of the tanks to create the rosette, and then I sewed the finished flower onto the other tank. In the midst of this project, I realized that my sewing skills are very rusty. I've always been a pokey seamstress-even back when I attended design school, but I'm slower than ever! After several hours of cutting strips, basting stitches, ruffling, pinning, ruffling some more, and sewing, I finally finished. Here's my take on the rosette tank. I'm pretty happy with it. The amazingly talented, Suzannah, over at Adventures in Dressmaking, also made a copycat of this tank (at my request-thanks, Suzannah. You rock!). I love hers too! She gets bonus points for posting a step-by-step tutorial on how to create this top. Check out her blog for a gazillion other cute projects too. Then there's the lovely Madeline, bargain shopper extraordinaire, and fellow DIYer, of the fabulous Uber Chic for Cheap. Awhile back, she posted about how she'd go about re-creating this rosette top from a tunic. Great work, crafty ladies!