Thursday, December 23, 2010

{ i spy a diy - the peppermint dreams cardigan }

I wanted something festive, but casual to wear on Christmas this year. I spotted this vintage Anthropologie ribbon embellished cardigan on ebay a few weeks back and thought the idea of it was sweet. But I wasn't too keen on the minty green color, so I decided to DIY a version to wear this holiday season (and beyond).
 I started with an Old Navy, gray flower-embellished cardigan that I got on super sale. First, I carefully removed the fabric flowers. Then I used this cute, stripey bias tape (purchased on etsy) to add a peter pan "collar" and placket. Lastly, I changed out the buttons for some square, sparkley Swarovski beauties. At $1.50 a pop, those little lovelies were the most expensive part of the whole project.
In my opinion, an Anthropologie-inspired DIY creation is special, and, as such, deserves its own delightful name. Introducing.......the Peppermint Dreams cardigan.
I think those buttons are my favorite part.
Are you planning on wearing something special this Christmas?