Monday, February 7, 2011

{ loving lucite }

LOOK what I found at Marshall's! How cool is this lucite and chrome folding chair? I got it for a steal too. I'm kinda excited about it :)*via polkadotsandpuppies


elisabeth (bovagoods) said...

omgoodness.....we are soooooo alike. the girls and i were at tjmaxx yesterday and i sat in the very exact same chair. tjmaxx had three and i contemplated buying all of them, and searching for the fourth! YOU have the fourth! the girls and i sat there for a good five minutes while i decided if i needed the chair(s) or not. i really wanted four for our kitchen, or just one for my computer desk -that doesn't exist yet- ......alas, i left with none. they were around $50 at our tjmaxx. how 'bout yours? i think it's a great price but i just don't have a spot for one yet. it will surely be a purchase that i regret not making. ;( better get going on that desk!!!! bye!

Rachel said...

Liz, that is too funny! I sent you an email about this too :)

Poppies and Poetry said...

Hey Lady! I've passed on the stylish Blogger Award to your darling blog!