Monday, March 28, 2011

10 things {that cheer me up}

It's Monday already.  I've been having a particularly difficult time saying goodbye to the weekends lately.  I decided to make a list of things that always cheer me up, in the hopes that it will help get me into a positive mindset for the week.
  1.  The three boys in my life. Not to get all sappy, but they really do bring me such bliss.
  2.  Adele.  I can't get enough of her soulful voice and her "this is me, take-it-or-leave-it" attitude.
  3. Nikko blue hydrangea. I adore having a couple of stems of these beauties tucked into a glass pitcher on my table.
  4. Cupcakes. I gave up all things sweet for Lent, which has been (pathetically) WAY harder than I anticipated. I am counting the days until I can eat a cupcake (26, if you're counting too).
  5. Our Boston Terrier, Georgia.  She's all at once, cuddly, feisty, sweet, and fiercely loyal.
  6.  A really fantastic cup of coffee-with oodles of cream and too much sugar.
  7.  A trip to Anthropologie. Their stores are always chock-full of eye candy. From the clothing to the strikingly creative visual displays. I always leave there so happy and refreshed.
  8.  Pretty much anything yellow, but I am REALLY loving yellow chairs lately.
  9.  Design, decor, and DIY blogs. SO much inspiration, so little time.
  10. Watching Yo Gabba Gabba! with my muchkins.  Have  you seen it?  It's utterly insane.  But so much fun!
What cheers you up on a Monday? Any tips to make Mondays less dreaded? Please do share :)
*Our most recent family photos also ALWAYS bring a smile to my face. Thank you, T.D.!


Kelli said...

Here is a pick me up! i have a giveaway going on at my blog that is for little boys! check it out!!

Rachel said...

Woohoo, Kelli! :) I'm heading there now.....

Anya said...

hmmm.... a few things I love on a Monday morning:

1) a slightly smaller "to do" pile than I had on Friday.

2) drive-thru at Tim Hortons... cafe mochas SAVE me.

3) knowing that by Tuesday we'll probably have a fun playdate with our friends

4) coming home to my bouncing, squealing, happy dog.

I must admit that Monday's are not daunting like they used to be when I had a paying job to go to. I actually enjoy Mondays now because it means Vienna and I are starting another really fun week of activities and learning with our friends and with each other...

christina said...

Love your list! Lots of those things are my favs too!

1)I love rice krispies treats. To be eaten randomly between meals:)

2) Monday Crockpot meals (especially when I get home and forgot I did it until the smell hits me when I open the door)

3) When my six year old asks me to play Vampire Weekend everytime we get in the car

Have a happy week!