Tuesday, March 8, 2011

{ 40 days, 40 bags }

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. It's also the day I start my 40 day purge of clutter and other unused junk from my home. I'm so excited! Here's the gist: rid your house of clutter, unused items, junk, unworn clothing, and trash. Fill one bag per day for the entirety of Lent. Donate those items to a charity, if you can, or list them on Freecycle, or just place them on your curb with a sign that says "FREE". The idea is to keep these things out of the landfill and to get them into the hands of someone who needs them (and will use them). I don’t think there needs to be specific rules about how big those 40 bags are, or even what's in them. Basically, the idea is to commit to 40 days of possibly uncomfortable “letting go". I can't think of a better way to commemorate the Lenten season. Additionally, I hope to make a big impact on how my home looks, and therefore, makes me feel. I'm an immensely visual person, and I'm greatly affected by the aesthetics of my surroundings. Spending time in a cluttered and unappealing room makes me moody and sad. Experiencing those feelings can impact the kind of mother I am on any given day, which is NOT okay with me. Here are the things I'd like to accomplish during my 40 days, 40 bags purge.

*declutter, clean, and organize the forgotten corners of my home (junk drawer, medicine cabinet...I'm talking to you guys!)
* rid my home of those things that I see every day, but don't love looking at (or find a way to beautify those things)

At the end of the challenge, I hope to be left with a tidy, organized home filled with only useful, beautiful, and/or cherished items. You know, instead of just stuff.
I read about this project last year over at Clover Lane. I loved the concept, but came up with a million excuses not to join then, including being 37 weeks pregnant. Well, the awesome Sarah is doing it again this year and you'll hear no excuses from me. My talented friend, Elisabeth, is also doing the challenge. I can't wait to read about both of these ladies' progress. See, it's a revolution, people! Who wants to join us?!? I dare say you won't be sorry :)


Tammy said...

I heart this idea sooo much!! I hate having clutter around the house and I can think of many a drawer that needs my attention. Count me in!

Pint-size Bookworm said...

Oh my gracious! I've kinda already started this and shall continue. Love, love, love freecycle and I hear ya on how a cluttered room you're not lovin' can make you feel. Off to do my bag for the day...

SherryQ said...

COMPLETELY love this idea - I am late in joining, but will start today and continue until Easter as well! Genius, Rachel!!!