Friday, March 25, 2011

{ i love laundry }

Okay, not really. To be honest, laundry is my most detested chore. But I do love these stunning laundry rooms. Maybe if I had an inviting, functional space like one of these, I could learn to better tolerate this dreaded chore.
Are you the laundress at your house? Do you despise it as much as I do? If not what's your least favorite chore?
Hope your weekend is FULL of fun (and totally chore-free)!

*via covet living, southern living, martha stewart, decor pad, bhg


Kelli said...

I adore that last picture with the yellow valance! I actually adore doing laundry...I just wish the machines weren't in the basement. I don't like running up and down the stairs. One day I'll have a laundry room as pretty as those. Have a great weekend...I do actually have a few chores to do.

Lisa said...

OH, How I wish my laundry room looked this inviting! I actually like doing laundry the clean, fresh, bleachy smell when you take it out of the washer mmmmmmm LOVE IT!!! It's the folding and putting away part that I despise. ; )

Belinda said...

I love these images of gorgeous laundries! I am currently working on updating a very small cottage in the tropics of QLD, Australia and was so inspired. What a beautiful blog!

Rachel said...

Kelli and Lisa, God bless ya! You two are welcome to my piles of laundry anytime ;) Thanks for pointing out a few good reasons to like this chore.

Belinda, I'm so glad you found me. I'm heading over to check out your cottage and blog now....

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