Wednesday, March 9, 2011

{ jack's pajama pizzeria party }

A few months ago, I asked Happy Jack what kind of birthday party he wanted. He said, "I want to wear pajamas to my party. Oh, and I want to eat pizza and cupcakes too!". Easy, peasy, I thought. And so the concept for Jack's Pajama Pizzeria party was born. To be honest, I was also secretly darned excited to have an excuse for everyone to stay in pajamas all day too! I worked with the talented Adria, of Anders Ruff to come up with the invitation and coordinating printables. I felt a bit of sympathy for her because she was dealing with one discerning client (me!), but she was completely wonderful. Thanks, Adria! Your work is beautiful!Welcome to the party!I wanted our dining room and living room to feel like a cheerful pizzeria. I just love those colors together! Unbelievably, we failed to get a photo of the whole party table. Argh. Oh, well. Here's the top portion. and the table itself.

And a broader view of the table well into the party. Look how much you've grown, big boy! I can't believe you're 3! Ahhh, the power of felt and pretty scrapbook paper!A silly hat for a silly boy.

Sweet little hats for our sweet friends.

There were plenty of yummy snacks. I made nifty coordinating labels for the food.I think this was my favorite treat.

Hmmm, or maybe it was these. I ate a gazillion of these tea cookies after the party.

Labeled sippy cups with stripey, happy, yellow straws for the little pizza makers.

C U P C A K E S!

The lovely Charynn of Two Sugar Babies made these adorable cupcake toppers.

And these too! Aren't these tiny fondant pizza toppers the best!?
I used little pizza boxes to hold all the goodies we gave as favors.

Inside were pizza puzzles, stickers, and a bag of treats.

Pizza making supplies :)
The little chefs fancified their hats first, and then it was time to get to work! Roll...

roll, roll your dough.

Give it a little pat, pat, pat.

Time for toppings! Spinach!? Great choice, little guy.

And plenty of CHEESE!

Time to enjoy those pies! My little guy has the CUTEST friends ever! I want to thank my mommy friends for helping with the potentially disastrous activity of pizza-making.
I heart you, ladies!

Little brother and his friends were busy with other things while the big kids munched on pizza.

These busy, itty-bitty babies are pretty flippin' adorable too.Make a W I S H!

My wish came true the day you were born.
You are such a blessing.
I hope you enjoyed your special day, Happy Jack!
Special thanks to my amazing sister, cousin (who took all these photos-well the good ones anyway), and brother-in-law-to be. You guys rock!


Anya said...

The pictures are great -- captured all the wonderful moments. What FUN we had!!! : )

Kelli said...

RACHEL!!! I need you to help me plan my next party. This is amazing...all of the decorations and all of the little details. I love the labels for the kids cups and I must check out those yellow straws!! I see I need to invite you to my next Stampin Up! party :) Glad your big/little guy had a great birthday.

CJ said...

Absolutely ADORABLE Rachel!!!! Love it!

kimberlynicole said...

The party was amazing, and adorable...

AMANDA said...

All I can say is WOW!!! Oh and wish we were there to help Jack celebrate!!!
Miss you guys,
Manda, Andy, Harry and Emmy.

Poppies and Poetry said...

Seriously, this is one of the most adorable parties I've ever seen. I can see the love and work you put into planning and executing. Just amazing!!

Rachel said...

Thank you all for your kind words :) It certainly was a labor of love, and LOTS of fun. I started planning several months ahead which helped keep the crazy at a minimum :P I, have not, however, managed to do this for little brother's party. Ack! I've got work to do!

Kelli, I'd be happy to pass along some tips I've learned along the way, if you'd like. Just let me know :)

Lisa said...

great pic's, great party, and a great time!!!! :) loved it

Tammy said...

It was wonderful, Rachel!!! I can't believe how well all the kids played that day. Even the babies were having a blast! You're a fabulous mom!

Brittany @GreyGreyDesigns said...

This is ABSOLUTELY adorable! I cannot get over how cute it is. Would love to feature it on my blog! Let me know if that's okay with you! :)

Shelley said...

Such a cute party!

Danielle said...

I can't believe I found someone who had the exact kind of party I'm planning for my son's 4th birthday! I got a lot of great ideas from your post and now I have some questions regarding the source of some of your supplies. Where did you find the adorable pizza puzzle? What were some of your other favors? And where did you find the small pizza rollers? Too cute! You did a great job!!

KC Jones said...

I found my way over from The White Library and MUST know where you got the backdrop for your table, the green with white polka dots (fabric?). I've been looking for that exact color for months for my little guy's party!!
Beautiful party! One lucky little boy!

Rachel said...

Thanks for stopping by, KC. I found that fabric at my local Joann Fabrics :) Hope you're able to find it too!

Modern Mindy said...

Love the pizza party you threw for your son! So cute & very kid friendly theme. I'd love to share it with my readers at Let me know if you're ok with that @!


Baby Lifestyles said...

This is such a beautiful and original party for kids! Would love to feature it at Baby Lifestyles! Email me at editor at if you're interested. Amazing job!

Bridalista said...

I love your pizza box "sign"! Is there any way to pay you to create one for me?

The Thriftiness Miss said...

What a great idea for a party! Very original :) Pinning for the future.

Cape Cod Mom said...

Where did you find the pizza puzzles for the goodie bags?! Thats such a great idea!