Wednesday, March 30, 2011

{ more purging progess }

I am 21 days into the 40 days, 40 bags challenge, and I am exhausted!  I really didn't think that we had that much unwanted junk in this place, but I have donated a lot of stuff.  A LOT. I finally cleaned out my entry closet and put a little order and a bit of personality into my itsy,bitsy entryway.  A reminder (cringe!) that it once looked like this.

Dude, that is B A D.  Well, it's by no means perfect, but I sure do prefer it now....

I've still got work to do here. I want to make cute labels for those shoe bins, and I've yet to make that folded fabric on top of the bench into a cushion.  But this is a pretty keen makeover for around $50, if you ask me.

Several of you have mentioned that you're taking part in the challenge as well. Yay!  How's it going?  Aren't you so excited to be getting rid of unwanted stuff?


Kelli said...

Great what you've done. And I love the added yellow. I would love to make my entry closet like a little mud area with style. That's on my future To Do list. Keep up the great work :)

CJ said...

Awesome job Rachel! I actually an going to start the purging process myself....starting with L's closet quickly followed by mine. She received some really cute outfits for her birthday and when we tried putting them away in the closet we doesn't fit! I think the problem is we need to find a home for her dance costumes. They are "poofy" and take up valuable space. Of course, I am sure there are things there that are out of season and/or doesn't wear anymore. Today is a rainy day on the Jersey Shore...the perfect day to get started!

Wow that was long! Miss you bunches! <3

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