Wednesday, March 16, 2011

{ purging progess! }

I started my 40 bags, 40 days challenge one week ago today, and I am in disbelief about how much junk I've already discovered in my home in that time. Yesterday I tackled my medicine cabinet. In true forgetful Rachel fashion, I didn't remember to snap a "before" photo. But, in all honesty, the "before" was so hideously awful that I'm not sure I would have shown anyone had I not forgotten :P Anyway, it's much improved...I added some funky scrapbook paper (that I covered in clear Contact paper-for water resistance) to the back and bottom of the cabinet. I then added back in only the things that we use on a fairly regular basis. Because we have two curious little munchkins at our house, we keep all medicines locked away in a high cabinet in the kitchen. I tried to arrange the cabinet so that things were both accessible and eye-pleasing. I'm sure it will stay this way for a whole six minutes! ;) How about you? If you're participating in the challenge, are you making any headway getting rid of unwanted stuff and reorganizing things?


Tammy said...

I did the junk drawer in the kitchen :). Plus, I'm working on THE BOOK for our house. Everything we need - kid schedules, cleaning schedules, bills, coupons, photog stuff, etc. - al in one three ring binder.

Kelli said...

Scrapbook paper as lining...genius!!! We've been cleaning out too.