Wednesday, April 20, 2011

{ 3650 days }

To my husband, the kindest, most decent man I've ever known,

3650 days ago today, you and I were married. 3398 days before that, you told me you were going to marry me one day. I didn't believe you. I was only 14 for Pete's sake! Even way back then, I didn't believe in fairy tales or happily-ever-afters. No, I'm far too sarcastic for that. ;) But you believed, and just like most times, you were right, too.
Thank goodness for that.
 I love you, Mr. Polkadotsandpuppies. Happy 10th anniversary!
You know, forever is a really long time. Lucky for us, huh?

*It occurred to me just now that I could write pretty much anything that I want here, because chances are that said wonderful (and very busy!) husband will probably never read these words. In that case, I suppose it wouldn't make sense to say that I would love him even more, if say, for instance, he would just go ahead and get started on our basement playroom project already. ;)