Thursday, April 7, 2011

{ giggly grant is 1! }

Unbelievably, you are one year old today.
Today you:
slept in until 7am (thank you!).
giggled when you played a game of chase with big brother.
brought me the mini Webster's dictionary, and signed "book".
snuggled with me after breakfast.

Happy Birthday, my sweet, little inchworm. I love you.


Danielle said...

He is TOO cute! Happy Birthday to your little guy.

Thanks for getting back to me on the pizza party details. I'm headed to Michael's today on my lunch break to see what I can find!

Laura said...

There is so much about Grant that is YOU, Rachel! I love his bright shining eyes--seeing them, I can't help but smile :)

Happy birthday to Grant! May this year be as full of wonder as your first. We miss you and we are happy to hear that you are having fun chasing after Jack!

Tammy said...

Slept in and a 3 hour nap? Someone loves his momma! Happy Birthday, Grant!

My Story said...

Happy birthday Grant!!!

Rachel said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes and kind words, ladies. We do love him so, and have decided to keep him. ;)