Wednesday, April 6, 2011

{ oh, why knot? }

I've noticed that I've really been drawn to the knot-ty trend lately.
Isn't this hair the epitome of casual chic? Love.
These cuties are begging to be a future DIY project.
Um, hello, cheap, cute bag.
Hmm.  I never would have thought that ho-hum passamenterie cord could look so cool.
Are knots a design element that you like...or not so much?  Once upon a time I worked for a very talented accessory designer who used to say that people either love or hate bows (yes, please!)-just like hearts (no, thank you.) or stars (eh).  Maybe knots fall into that category too?


Tammy said...

I love bows. Love them. I used to hate everything about hearts. Odd b/c my tattoo is a heart??? They're kind of growing on me. Especially when they're haphazardly drawn. Anyway, I love that purse!

Poppies and Poetry said...

So funny you mention bows. Said designer and myself just had that conversation again today. It's true--you love 'em or you don't. I didn't use to and now I totally do. Loving the knots too!

Rachel said...

I'm a bow girl too! Tammy, I totally agree that an artfully rendered heart can be really cool sometimes too.

Chris, she's a wise lady, huh? She makes so many scrumpties pretties with bows it's insane ;)

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