Friday, May 6, 2011

{ tortured by tolix }

Stunning, stackable, and available in a rainbow of delicious colors.  That's the story of the industrial chic amazingness that is the French-designed Tolix chair. I have lusted over these chairs for years.  YEARS! I need them in my life someday. 
Too bad they also cost $295 each. :(   
 There are plenty of knockoff options out there, but none of them are in our price range either.
 But, HAPPY day!  I just found a gorgeous look-a-like from Home Decorator's Collection
 for the insane price of $79 each!
I want EVERY C O L O R

Here are some examples of how perfectly wonderful they look paired with a rustic table.


See?  So lovely, right?  I need some.

Happy weekend!