Wednesday, May 11, 2011

{ wednesday wrap session }

I LOVE giving gifts to friends and family.  My favorite part of gift-giving is wrapping up that special something with pretty paper and embellishments.  I like to experiment with different kinds of bows, flowers and toppers.  These days, there are a gazillion beautiful gift toppers for purchase.  But I like a crafty challenge, so instead of buying something,  I always try to see what I can create with things I already have around the house.  Some call it being cheap. I say I'm being creative ;)  This gift was for one of Happy Jack's
 sweet little girl friend's birthday.
And this one was for an adorable baby boy we know.
Fancy, fun and F R E E.  Gotta love that! 


Kelli said...

You are too adorable. I'm sure the recipients love the time that you take to make their gifts pretty.

elisabeth (bovagoods) said...

these are adorable! wish we lived closer so we could invite you to our birthday parties! ;) soooooo cute rachel!

Kim said...

Rachel, your gift to Annabelle is so gorgeous that I have it displayed in the middle of my dining room table like a bouquet of flowers! I can't open it yet because I'm enjoying the wrapping too much. I've never received such a beautiful package! Gracias!

Rachel said...

Oh, happy day, Kim! I'm so glad you like it. Now, open it already, silly girl! :P