Tuesday, July 19, 2011

{ a pinning fool }

by polkadots and puppies
Are you down with Pinterest?  I first heard about it in January, and resisted signing up, because I figured that I most certainly didn't need something else online to occupy my time. I finally gave in and checked it out a few months ago and-my God!  It is completely and totally addicting, not to mention an epic timesuck. 
But boy, is it fun!

 Pinterest is a big online cork board of sorts, where you can “pin” various photos from sites you visit around the web.  You can then categorize all the loveliness into different topic areas, or pin boards.. I find it to be an amazing source of inspiration for me and a way to go back and remember where I saw something, etc.  You can also repin images that others have pinned, follow friends, and so forth. I just love referring back to my pin boards when I'm in the mood for a plethora of eye candy.  If you do decide to check out Pinterest for yourself, you might want to do yourself a favor, and have a timer handy for your pinning sessions ;)  Whenever I fail to do this, I've found that all of a sudden two hours have gone by in the blink of an eye.

Happy Pinning!

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