Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{ real recipe - beef & veggie stir fry }

We do love us some asian-inspired dishes around here ;)
This one was a real winner at our house over the weekend.

*recipe adapted from this one


SherryQ said...

THANK YOU for sharing this recipe! We tried it last night - and O.M.G. YUMMMM ☺ Except… I didn’t have any Sherry (hahahahhahahaha), so I used ½ mango juice and ½ red wine vinegar, and I didn’t have any regular onions or scallions, so I used a red onion for both, and I cannot have soy sauce/ramen/udon noddles, so I used tamari/mung bean noodles, and I didn’t have any red chili paste, so I used cayenne pepper - oh yes, and also, I have a TON of cilantro, but I forgot to use it! So, in conclusion, your recipe is very very delicious and gorgeous, my version not so gorgeous, but, hopefully, equally as yum xo I obviously need to get to the grocery …

Rachel {polkadots and puppies} said...

Teehee, Sherry. I'm so happy that you tried it....well, kinda ;) Your version sounds positively delish!

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