Wednesday, September 7, 2011

{ school days! }

Did you like school as a kid?  I sure did.  In fact, I absolutely LOVED it.  I was one of those annoying kids that was always sad to see the school year come to an end, and I always felt positively giddy when it was time for a new school year to begin. 

Can you imagine how fun it would be be to kick off September with a fantastic back-to-school shindig like one of these? I ran out of time this year, but maybe next year. ;)

just call me martha
This faux dessert table is made up entirely of actual school supplies.
 So very clever!

one charming party

This vintage-inspired school party is my favorite.
  All those pastel details are positively delicious!

Here's a bunch more school-themed
cleverness that has me psyched for this time of year!
all via pinterest
Are you thrilled about back to school time too?