Tuesday, September 6, 2011

{ story & snack sundays - winnie sammies }

My boys are on a real Winnie-the-Pooh kick.  We went to see the Pooh movie recently, and since then we've been gobbling up Pooh books by the dozen.  Our library card is getting a real workout thanks to this silly, old bear ;)

This past weekend, for our story and snack Sunday, we made some fun, little Pooh Bear peanut butter sandwiches to go along with our latest reading obsessions.  I told Jack that I was pretty sure that Pooh wore a red t-shirt, but he insisted that he wear a red bowtie instead on our "special sandwich", as he called it. Okey, dokey, kid.

I simply cut my bread into a Pooh Bear-shaped head with a knife.  Then I made the bowtie with some sliced apple and strawberry, and I piped on the sweet face with good ol' Nutella in a plastic bag.  And finally, I popped on a chocolate chip for a nose. These were easy peasy to make, and the boys absolutely LOVED them!