Friday, October 28, 2011

{ i spy a diy - easy felt garland }

I finally got around to sprucing up our mantel a bit for the season.  I was determined to do it for very little money.  I shopped around our house for objects that would work, and also went the crafty route with some things too. I only spent 5 bucks total!  Yay!

 My favorite part is this orange, ruffled felt garland.  Isn't it magical how something quite ordinary like felt can be used to make something so whimsical and fun?  There's a great, simple tutorial on how to make this over at My Blessed Life.

I also just adore how Jack's burlap leaf art project looks up there.  We made several of these during a crafty afternoon.  It's just burlap wrapped around a cardboard square with a pressed leaf glued on. 

And lastly, I made this wreath out of foldered and layered, tea-stained coffee filters.  Couldn't be easier!

Have you made an effort to dress up your home for Autumn too?

h a p p y   h a l l o w e e n   w e e k e n d!

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