Wednesday, October 19, 2011

{ staircase style }

I just love fun, quirky staircases. 

 This graphic chevron runner gives a modern touch to an otherwise traditional staircase.

Painted treads are so fun.  I'm digging the shocking pink here.

Stenciling several different patterns in the same colors on the risers. 
Very cool idea.

Kate Spade never shys away from color. These stunning, rainbow-striped stairs were featured in her London shop.

Ooooh, how about an ombre paint treatment to the spindles?  This looks fantastic against all that crisp white.

I think I love this family.  What a awesome sense of humor they must have to have made this happen.  I'm betting this is a basement family/play space.

 And the idea of painting numbers on risers is really nothing new, but this staircase by Sarah Richardson is a real favorite of mine lately.  I love that she used three-dimensional house numbers in different materials and finishes, as opposed to painting on uniform numbers. LOVE this times a million.

*all via pinterest

I wonder if we're brave enough to do something like this in our home?  Are you???

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elisabeth (bovagoods) said...

love them all! and why NOT have a slide next to your stairs? thanks for talking to me today... :)