Monday, November 28, 2011

{ we are family }

I hope you all had a wonderful time visiting, laughing and munching this Thanksgiving weekend. We had a splendid few days with family and friends, but it sure is nice to be back home! 

One of my favorite things about this magical time of year is seeing all the beautiful family photos on the lovely Christmas cards that come our way.  I use the cards to decorate the mantle or the staircase, and it's like celebrating the season with those very family and friends, when we see those faces smiling back at us every day.  Of course, part of  the fun leading up to the Christmas cards is family portaits!
We had our family photos taken this year in a local apple orchard.
I'm kinda ridiculously excited about how they turned out ;)

Every time I look at these pictures of my clan, I'm reminded how very blessed we are to have each other.
Thank you to my crazy-talented, photographer cousin for so beautifully capturing this time in our lives.
You're the best, Kimber!

H A P P Y    M O N D A Y !


Jessie said...

The pictures are wonderful!

My Story said...

Thank you so much!! It was a blast and I'm glad you love them!!

Laura said...

I just love seeing your family so happy :) Beautiful!

elisabeth (bovagoods) said...

rachel you look stunning...these pictures are fab! your boys..omg...there are no words for how cute they are.

Rachel {polkadots and puppies} said...

I feel so lucky to have all these sweet words from you ladies. Thank you for brightening my day! :)

Lisa said...

I love this family!!! Great photo's.

Lisa said...

I love this family!!! Great photo's.

My Story said...

AWW thanks!!!! I'm not sure if I looked at this post when you posted in it in Nov. That is bad on my part.
I know I love looking at these photos. It is my favorite photo session yet!
Love you and thank you for those kind words!