Tuesday, December 20, 2011

{ a merry monday! }

Right.  I know it's Tuesday now, but I'm still reliving the magical day we had yesterday. We had the absolute merriest Monday at our house.  Our little friends came over to celebrate, and we made some wonderful memories.

 All the lucky kiddos exchanged secret Santa gifts.
 Look at these beautifully wrapped presents!

But us mamas got to take home something even better: big bags of delicious COOKIES!

I had a ridiculous amount of fun putting together a merry and bright table for our guests.

There were, of course, goodies.




of goodies.

The kids all took a break from snacking and ripped into those gifts!

These munchkins received some really great presents. 
Here's the lucky recipient of some very cool spelling puzzles....

Oh, and a Disney Fairy.  Yes,Tinkerbell was very popular indeed!

This little sweetie received the most perfect, handmade hat!

And this lil guy was really digging Mater. 

Hey, I see you right there behind your own Christmas card, buddy! 

My sister surprised us with a visit to join in on the merriment. Grant was so ecstatic to her!
  Aunt Eesa is only his favorite person in the world besides mama.

Jack took some time out from play to sample a snowman sipper.

I managed to grab Grant and hold him still for the quickest of hugs ;)

 A handsome boy hanging on the bench.

Joyful, smiley little friends are the best gift of all! 

One of the wee cuties slept right through most of our 'rocking around the Christmas tree' ruckus.

But, not this darling girl.  Nope, she was wide awake for all the fun!

 A rare photo of all my gorgeous, cookie-baker, mommy friends!

When the party time came to an end, all our small guests went home with little bags full of sticker fun.

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It's wondrous days like this one that make me adore the Christmas season. 
 It was truly a laughter and joy-filled day that I will not soon forget. 
I hope you're enjoying some merriment of your own with some very special friends!
Vendor credits:
* the talented ladies at Anders Ruff are responsible for all the gorgeous printables
*Stripey straws - Hey YoYo 
*Stripey cupcake holders/ Sofie's Big Day
*Styling by me  (Rachel of polkadots and puppies)


Jessie said...

WOW! You did such a great job decorating for the party! You are so talented!

My Story said...

OMG... This turned out so GREAT! I am so upset that i couldn't make it.. (stupid work)I would have LOVED to take all those fun , adorable photos of your party!!!!!
I am glad you guys had a blast!

Kelli said...

I want to come to the next party :) What a cute way to celebrate. I love the table you put together and those hot cocoa cupcakes!

elisabeth (bovagoods) said...

I am so happy I got to see your craftiness in person today! No detail spared. Talent for sure!!!

Laura said...

Rachel, this looks so festive! Two questions I have for you. I just really love the gifted hat, could you fill me in on the details? Is it handmade? My sweet Olivia would adore such a hat. Also, those snowman beverages look delicious and Owen was super curious about them. How did you make those?

I wish I had your passion for party making! As always, you're creativity is inspiring :)

Rachel {polkadots and puppies} said...

Thank you, everyone! It was such a fantastic day :)

Laura-that hat was made by Tanya! She's very talented at crocheting.
The 'Snowman Sippers' were made by placing a donut hole atop of a bottle of milk. I added a 'carrot' nose made of candy corn and I iced on the eyes and mouth with black sparkle gel icing. CAREFULLY make a hole through the donut holes. I used a meat thermometer to do this. Then push the straw through. Then sip and SMILE :)

Heidi said...

Love your party decorations! Could you please tell me what you use for your back drop - fabric or wrapping paper? Do you just hang it up over a window? Thanks!

Rachel {polkadots and puppies} said...

Hi Heidi! That's wrapping paper from Target (bought in November) wrapped around a drapery rod. Hope that helps ;)