Thursday, December 22, 2011

{ my christmas wish list }

Yep, I know.  Christmas lists are for children, not grown-ups, right?  Sure.  But it's fun to put together a list of goodies that you'd love to have under your tree - even if it's just for kicks! ;)
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1. I- Dreemy flats by Steve Madden.  I'm obsessed with metallic flats.  I just can't stop thinking about these. LOOK how sparkly!

2. PhotoShop Elements 10 - MS Paint has been my go-to, free program for graphics and such for a long while. It definitely works in a pinch. But I used Photoshop all through design school, and, dang, I miss it!  It's a fantastic product, and there really is no great substitute. I'd love to have Photoshop CS5 some day, but this version would be a huge upgrade for me.

3. Oh, Tolix chairs.  Or knockoff Tolix chairs even- heck, I don't care.
Come and live with me....four of you. Please and thank you.

4. Kate Spade Tate Bag - I go through handbags like Kleenex, so I'd never pay this much moola for one. But this gray lady sure is pretty.

5.  Smidgen Posts - I adore these Anthro gemstone earrings. They're both delicate and a bit tough. Love that.

6. Design* Sponge At Home - Can you ever have too many design books? I think not. This gem by blogger, Grace Bonney, is full of practical, yet inventive ideas.

7. Tocca Feu de Touch Candle - This candle is pure luxury. Makes the whole house smell amazing and lasts, and lasts, and lasts.

8.  Lemongrass is Always Greener Jacket - Jackie O. would want me to have this, doncha think?

What are you hoping to find under your tree this year?  
More importantly, what are you excited about GIVING?!?


all things bean said...

i love your list. i'm not even sure what i want, so i will be pleasantly surprised! by the way, adobe already came out w/ CS 5.5 - is that really necessary?

elisabeth (bovagoods) said...

i love this list! even though i , too, used Photoshop in college, the thought of it completely overwhelms me. that jacket is adorbs! ;)