Monday, January 9, 2012

{ bakery bliss }

My very first job was working in a delightful, little family-owned bakery.  Ever since then, I've had a love affair with the idea of some day owning a charming little bakery of my own.  I definitely realize that the reality of running such a business is far from the little fantasy that I have in my head. But there sure are some amazing patisseries out there to provide lots of inspiration for my daydreams. ;)

Here are a few places I'd LOVE to visit....

Bobbette & Belle in Toronto

Miette in San Fran is exceptionally lovely.

They even sell these gorgeous cookies that match their wallpaper.

Back in the Day Bakery in Savannah

Heaven in New York.  What a fantastic name for a bakery!

Laduree in Paris


And a few that I've had the pleasure of visiting in the past.

Magnolia Bakery in Chicago.  I remember those aqua Tolix chairs. SWOON.

Georgetown Cupcake in D.C. - home of the best cupcake I've ever eaten.

Hummingbird Bakery in London


Bake-a-Boo in London

Oh!  What about a mini bakery right in your home?  Check out this crazy-adorable play bakery any kiddo (or mama) would go bonkers for!

Do you have a favorite bakery or maybe even dreams of owning your own?  Oh, and I'm curious.  Where have you sampled an AMAZING cupcake?


Allyson said...

These are all absolutely adorable. I love bakeries, and this post definitely made me want to go visit every single one of these...and have a cupcake at each one.

I hope you'll check out my feature series over at Cupcakes and Candy Canes
Thanks for sharing

Anna said...

All of the cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and candy just makes me incredibly happy! This is an incredible post from an even more incredible blog! Thank you for sharing all that you do!

Claire Peucker said...

What gorgeous bakeries, I've put at least a couple down on my list of places to go when I'm in New York & London later in the year.

My dream is actually to have my own book shop, with a coffee & cupcake counter on the side :)