Monday, January 2, 2012

{ creative spaces }

This is the time of year when I always feel totally overwhelmed with the urge to organize the most chaotic areas in my home.  This year, it's most definitely my ribbons, paper, craft and sewing supplies that are motivating me.  Right now, all of my materials are scattered about in random bags here and there. It's definitely the opposite of organized.  I certainly don't have an entire room to dedicate for use as a studio, but I'm working on carving out a little corner of a bedroom to use as my own happy, little spot for creating.  I'd LOVE a tidy, organized and eye-pleasing space like one of these.

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Do you have a dreamy spot like one of these, or are you working on one?

Happy New Year and Happy Monday!


Kelli said...

I love each and every picture!

LLB said...

I have a creative space that I've been pushed into by my sweet husband. Before he fixed me up in our guest room, my creative space was....our dining room table! I much prefer my little corner of our spare room!

Judy King said...

All of these pictures are great...I have to check out my Pinterest board and see about adding a few more. I'm very fortunate to have a room devoted to creating in. My husband painted the room an olivey green then painted some cabinetry black and mounted it on the wall above my sewing table that he made nice and sturdy (now no vibrating while I sew). It's always in use, so never quite "photogenic" but it's my very own and I love it!