Thursday, January 5, 2012

{ hanging with katy }

I'm guest posting over at Sweet Verbena today with my jewel jar cardigan DIY.  If you aren't familiar with cute-as-a-button Katy and here adorable blog, get over there pronto to check out all of her fantastic projects and yummy recipes.

I hope you're having a great first week of 2012!


SherryQ said...

LOVING it!!!! Fantastic, Rachel :)

Allyson said...

I just read your guest post, and it was precious! I'll definitely be following you over here now.


Rachel {polkadots and puppies} said...

Thanks, SherryQ ;)

Welcome, Allyson! Happy to have you here :)

all things bean said...

i'm sure the beautiful thread colors at the top of her blog caught your eye too... :)

Judy King said...

Hi! Just found you and your blog over at Sweet Verbena!!! So glad I did! I'm a new follower.