Monday, January 16, 2012

{ story and a snack sunday - 3 pigs mania }

Happy Jack has recently started to really dig fairy tales.  Like a lot.  A lot, A LOT.  He's especially been loving the story of the Three Little Pigs lately.  He's made it his mission to read virtually every version ever written. It's a fairy tale that's certainly not for the faint of heart, if you ask me.  But he gets a kick out of the piggies getting gobbled up.  Boys.  Go figure. This past weekend we checked out as many versions as our little local library had on hand.  
Then we set up our weekly book parade.

  Ya'll do a book parade after trips to the library, right? That's when you set up all the library books you checked out into a happy, little parade, and everybody gets all giddy about all the fun about to be had while all snuggled up and reading!

It was such a nice day that when we were finished with our stack of stories, we went outside to huff and puff at the giant cardboard house that Santa brought us.

A little piggy in quite possibly the world's cutest hat.
Loved it so much that I bought both colorways!

He does the most adorable OINK sound. ;)

Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!


Grateful for winter sunshine and warmish temps!

On Sundays, we like to make a little snack inspired by one of the stories that we read that day.  We made Three Little Pigs snack mix this particular Sunday.  I've had this one tucked away from way back in the day when I used to work at the most magical library-where I got paid to color, read picture books and present storytimes to cute and silly little munchkins.  I still get paid, actually - just in hugs and kisses, instead of dollars ;)
adorable illustration from here
I used these fruit twist snacks from Target instead of sliced Twizzlers for our "bricks" in an effort to keep the sugar count on the lower side.  Hey, I try ;)  Little Brother ate almost his entire bowl!

Jack took quite a bit of time digging for "bricks" from his own bowl.  No surprise there.

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We do LOVE our Sundays!

  Hope your weekend was tons of fun too!


Tammy said...

I love the idea of a book parade!! If only jake would let me check out books that didn't involve construction vehicles and garbage trucks.

Lyndsey said...

Rachel, I never cease to be amazed at you creativeness. Those boys are very lucky!

Lisa said...

Adorable!! he's always been a fan of parade's. and that grant is just soo sweet!!!

elisabeth (bovagoods) said...

ummmm.....your graphics are killing me these days. so cute!!!!!

Rachel {polkadots and puppies} said...

Haha, Tammy! BOYS are so fun :)

Thanks, Lyndsey, Lisa and Elisabeth!

Kristen Brooke said...

Your kids are adorable and I love love your blog! Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas!