Friday, February 3, 2012

{ bow wow (7th!) birthday }

My favorite Boston Terrier is seven years young today!
 We celebrated with a very special doggy cupcake (recipe here).

You know I love a cute birthday hat. 
 Couldn't resist making one for the puppers.

I love it!  But somebody was not really a fan.

The pupcake passes the sniff test!

And it didn't stand a chance!

After reading this tragic story this week, I was
 inspired to make this little, doggy love print.
This Roger Caras quote is one that I hold near and dear.

 Oh, and I made some to share too ;)
(click on the pic below to download and print your 
own 5x7, in the color of your choice.)

We love you, Georgia!

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                       Don't furry friends make life so much sweeter!?!       
                        h a p p y   w e e k e n d !