Friday, February 17, 2012

{ frilly friday }

I've done some shopping this month, and upon taking inventory of my newly acquired goodies, I noticed that I purchased several similar-looking feminine, frilly, icey-pink tops.  Oops.  I didn't even notice until I saw them all hanging in my closet together, like a little trio of sisters ;)

1  2  3

I can also recall a time in the past when I bought four navy striped tops in one week. When I get on board with a trend, it seems I really get on board.  Does this ever happen to you?

                h  a  p  p  y    w  e  e  k  e  n  d  !

1 comment:

Jessie said...

I am always buying stripes! I don't even realize I do it, till I look in my closet and think to myself,"Crap. I did it again!" lol