Friday, February 24, 2012

{ good enough (for now) gallery wall }

You know how you have a project that seems to just drag on and on, even though it seems pretty simple to complete?  Well, I have WAY too may such projects happening at pretty much all times, so I've taken to a new philosophy regarding such matters.....

Finished is better than perfect.  Isn't that just wonderful?!  I LOVE it.  This really resonates with me because the perfectionist in me has a tendency to obsess about every minor detail when doing any project, and sometimes I let that get in the way of actually finishing a project.  It's not fun, and I'm not going to let that happen anymore!  Because, if you ask me, FINISHED is better than perfect.

So here's my finished (for now), but not perfect, kitchen gallery wall.

It was sorta just half finished for months and months.  I kept overthinking what to put on this wall.  But, one day, I decided to just take 30 minutes (I actually set a timer, because I'm strange like that) and dig into my pile of  'things to frame some day'.  I got to framing and hanging, and after 30  minutes, a wonderful thing happened: I was FINISHED! ;)

It's bright and cheerful, and it has a lot of personal elements, and art prints that really capture who we are as a family,
which is all that really matters to me.

Here's one more photo that shows where everything came from.
 Some of my goodies were FREE ;)

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9

Pin It  Whew!  Dang, it feels good to actually finish something!  I'm now on a mission to turn virtually every wall in our house into a fun wall like this one.  I've gathered some great ones for inspiration right here.

h  a  p  p  y     w  e  e  k  e  n  d  !


Jessie said...

I love gallery walls. When I did my I felt like I was also over thinking it and it was taking me forever. Once I just took one day to do it, I ended up loving it. (You and I think a lot alike. lol) Now I can't wait to do my next wall!! Yours looks really cute. I keep searching antique malls for letters I like, but haven't had any luck yet.

Laura said...

What a happy place to see every day! When I think of Jack and Grant now, I always think of them in this mustached picture :) Priceless.

My Story said...
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Lisa said...

I love the wall!! and great motto you need to remember that one!! ;)