Wednesday, March 28, 2012

{ i spy a diy - the bountiful bows cardi }

It's been a return to cooler temps around here, and that's just the motivation I needed to get going on this DIY.  I've long been smitten with this little bow-filled cardigan from Anthro's 2008 catalog.  It's called the Teddy Darling cardi.

Looks pretty easy to replicate, doncha think?   It absolutely was.  I finished it in four easy steps, and it only took an hour and a half total.

Step 1: Grab a plain cardi and then gather some ribbons.  I went searching for some special ones, and found these.  I love that they're printed  with definitions like 'vintage' and 'unique'.  I also used this one that has ruler markings on it. I used some black and white polka dot ones, and a few other cream ones too.

Step 2: Make a BUNCH of bows.  Again, an episode of Downton Abbey is helpful for something mindless like this.

Step 3: Position your bows in an arrangement that you like.  I decided to follow the line of the v-neckline rather than going more random like the original.  Once you have them in place, secure them with glue.  This No-Sew glue is my sewing secret weapon.  I LOVE it.  Why?  Because it keeps me from having to pin things.  I HATE pinning things.  I'd rather rip out a seam than pin.  This glue forms a temporary bond and then washes out.  It's awesome.

Step 4: Tack down each bow well with needle and thread.  Done!

I'm really excited about how it turned out.

I even like it better than the original. I just love when that happens ;)

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Super cute, Rachel! I always loved that cardigan. Darling, darling, darling!