Monday, March 19, 2012

{ jack's kung fu panda 4th birthday party }

This kiddo has been obsessed with Kung Fu Panda since the first movie was released. Po, the well-meaning but awkward hero, is his "absolute favorite guy in the world!" So, of course, I was not too surprised when he asked for a Kung Fu Panda birthday party this year.  As one wise friend said to me, "the characters were coming at some point, right?"  ;)

I had intentions to keep this party pretty low-key.  We invited just family, and I decided to forgo sending paper invitations.  I emailed this invite instead.

This party was definitely a "use what you have" shindig.  I had this black and white polka dot tablecloth, and I loved that it was a bit of a graphic nod to Po's coloration. Then I grabbed an orange basket from Grant's room, red buckets from Jack's room, and some yellow trays from the Target dollar bin, and this table was well on its way.

I forgot how fun and easy it is to make paper chains.  Jack even helped make one.  I was able to crank out the other eleven during one episode of Downton Abbey!

I had this red frame too.  I just raided my trimmings drawer, and stapled lots of them into the frame.  Then I backed the frame with burlap. Added a homemade banner, some free printable masks and DONE!

Another grocery store cake - this one was improved with dotty ribbon.  Jack plays with his Kung Fu Panda toys from McDonald's all the time.  So it made sense to invite them to the party too. ;)

My favorite project of any party - the birthday boy hat!

On to the goodies. How great are these kickin' Po the Panda cut-out cookies?  These beauties are courtesy of etsy baker and artist, The Sweet Shop Cookie Company.

My husband, who is a fantastic baker, stayed up late making these cuppycakes the night before. Holy moly, they were yummy! We added fortune cookies and some cupcake picks too.

Rice Krispie Treat sushi!

More colorful sweet treats.

SKADOOSH  juice!

Dragon warriors need fruits and veggies too!

Chinese food is a pretty obvious choice here, so I served eggrolls and potstickers for something savory to snack on.

Favors were those yummy cut out cookies plus stickers packaged up in kraft paper take-out boxes and stripey baker's twine. 

It was a fun day celebrating, and Kung Fu Jack was beyond thrilled to have "the best party of my dreams!"  The birthday boy and lil bro were both pretty darn HI-YAed! out by party's end.  

Happy Birthday, Jack!  We love you!

Pin It                                    Party Sources:
Cookies - The Sweet Shop Cookie Company
Stripey straws - HeyYoYo
 KFP Balloons - Ebay 
Dotty Balloons - Hobby Lobby
Kraft take-out boxes -  Michael's
Black/White Baker's Twine - Leigh's Paper Creations
Chinese character fabric for backdrop - Hobby Lobby
Printable masks - Available for download on HP's website (I made the monkey one myself)
Printables, invites and styling - Polkadots and Puppies (that's lil ol' me)
Photography - Kimberly Wagner Photography 


My Story said...

that was an awesome birthday party, for an awesome little boy!!!

Sunny said...

Just saw this at AtoZ celebrations and I'm so glad. This is a totally awesome party. Tons of great details and I think my fav is the rice krispy treat sushi. Just brilliant.

Melissa said...

Um. This is pretty much amazing. Your site is amazing. How do you not have advertising?! With all the hard work you put into things you should be PAID for this lady. I'm not just saying... I'm telling you. You. Can. Make. A. Buck.

I also love your blog design and contact the same woman to give me a make over. I'm so excited to have found your blog. I'm your new biggest fan. Ever.

Do you do guest posts? Let's talk!

Brittany Schwaigert said...

Gorgeous job as always Rachel! I am super in love with that backdrop made of trimmings! Too cute!!!

Ashley said...

This is such a great party, and an amazing job on the decorations as well. I love it!!!