Monday, April 2, 2012

{ boys & cupcakes }

They just go together, ya know?

I decided to bake a batch of my husband's now famously delicious cuppycakes during naptime yesterday. Then I set out some bowls of Easter candies and sprinkles, and we went to town decorating them. Jack took this task very seriously and even gave some piping lessons to little Grant.

I found this stuff called "edible Easter grass" at Target.  Right. I'm gonna say that's debatable.  It tasted like wax.  It's pretty though.

I had a little too much fun with my own decorating.  I've told you about how my very first job was in a bakery, right?

I thought I'd share how my hubby makes his crazy delicious, insanely moist, doctored-up, from-a-box, vanilla cupcakes.  Here's how we do things at our house....

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        Oh, and we love this recipe for irresistible chocolate                                            cupcakes. Happy baking!