Monday, May 21, 2012

{ i spy a diy - the sweet shop skirt }

Look what I whipped up with a $4.50 fabric remnant!

I was inspired by Anne Cramer's yummy striped Flynn Skirts. 
These lovelies are only $160.  HA! 

I was pretty thrilled that I was able to hide the seams (see how nicely those stripes match up? Yay!) in one of the pleats.  Oh, how the little things make me happy.  I also made it super, duper-dee easy on myself  by adding elastic to the back of the waistband instead of fussing with a zipper.

Not too bad for a nap time project!

Pin ItAnd did I mention that it costs $4.50?!! ;)  I didn't bother with a pattern here.  I just sort of eyeballed and pinned the pleats on myself,  but there's a great pleated skirt tutorial here if you're interested in making a similar one.