Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I admit to getting totally geeky and excited about planning what to wear on America's birthday. But I'm not a fan of the super literal, wrap-yourself-in-Old-Glory looks.  Ugh.  Not okay.  That being said,  I am really digging these three dresses for Independence Day.

1    2     3

Not too literal, but still patriotic and plenty adorable, in my opinion.  I've also had this pic of this long sold-out cute, dress tucked away in my "to-sew" file since last year. 

Looks super easy to make, right?  Even so, I just wasn't feeling pulling out the sewing machine and decided  instead to see what I could come up with at the thrift store.  I gave myself a $5 budget for this. 
Check out the cuteness that I scored for $4!  That's FOUR dollars, people.  Four bucks for this stripey tank with sweet button details and the same price for this sassy skirt.  Oh, and the skirt has pockets!  Skirts and dresses without pockets are useless, if you ask me.
  This would have cost me at least $8 in fabric for the skirt alone, I'm guessing, if I'd gone the sew-it-myself route.

Pin It By the way, posing for bloggy pics feels completely, utterly ridiculous.  Best to just look down,  I think.  Ha!
Anyway....yay for thrift store finds!

Oh, and happy 4th to YOU!

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Alison F. said...

Super Cute! Sadly today I realized I have nothing patriotic to wear tomorrow :0(. Happy 4th to you too!