Wednesday, October 10, 2012

{ i spy a diy - the primrose pumps }

Anthropologie stocks some pretty, flippin' fantastic shoes.  I almost never buy them because they are often too expendy for me, even on sale.  But I fell in love with these shoes, the Rensselaer T-Straps, a few seasons ago, and haven't been able to get them out of my head since.  Aren't they lovely? 
These beauties retailed for $148.  Eeek!

Then last week, I spied these $2 Candies mary janes at the thrift store.  They were in like-new condition. Hmmm, they got me thinking about a DIY version of the Rensselaers.

I knew I needed some leather so that I could make some pretty blooms, so I picked up these ugly boots for $3.

And then I cut up the boots and used the leather and leather glue to make some sweet, little flowers.

I added some bows, and this is what I ended up with....

Here's another look at Anthro's and mine.
I spent five bucks.  FIVE.

I am happy. ;)
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Allison @ little lovelies said...

I'm usually not that into Anthro knockoffs but these are so spot on and your styling of them is so good as well! Really, really awesome job!

Allison @ little lovelies said...
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Nicholas Redd said...

My wife will want one pair of each of these shoes. Good for her. Sad for my wallet.

Rachel {polkadots and puppies} said...

Thanks so much, Allison. Happy to "see" you here ;)

Laura said...

Wha?! That's amazing. You look lovely, too!

LisaW said...

WOW! They look so good...I can't believe you were able to make them for just $5! Well done.

the classroom creative said...

Love- love- love, looking at my shoes trying to decide which ones to "dress up"! Karen

elisabeth (bovagoods) said...

Are you serious? These are amazing!!! You are so so good at this, Rachel. :)xo

KristinS said...

Wow nice job! Yours look better.

KristinS said...
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jessie light said...

i know this is last year ... but i just found your blog.. these are stunning! great job!

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